Trailer photos. Trailer photos. Business card The business card of Sean Ryan. It's amazing what Vistaprint will let you get away with. 159463391 C-Con C-Con, or "Creative Convention" does not exist. It takes place on a mythical campus called Rockycreek University, on an equally mythical place called Long Island. 159463408 Weapons, part 1 I wanted to give the impression that Sean Ryan was prepared for anything, including weapons. So, I used some target throwers, a key-chain telescoping baton, and an old toy gun that looks like a Luger. 159463000 Weapons, part 2 Same as above, but with a scalpel from an old dissection kit. You can make anything a weapon if you like. 159463001 Weapons, part 3 The tactical baton is a favorite of Sean Ryan; thankfully, I know some police officers willing to help out. 159463002 Weapons, part 4 Yes, that's a sword. 159463003 Weapons, part 5 Yes, I added a squirt gun. Why? Because it was funny. 159463004 Weapons, part 6 Thankfully, my sister lent me her katana. 159463005 Murder weapon 1 The murder weapon in the book is a cobra headed sword cane. Since that would take too long to show, I went for just the dagger portion 159462999 Murder weapon 2 I wanted to get several pictures, just in case the first shots didn't come out well 159463006 Murder weapon 3 ... I'm glad I did. This is the third one, and caught the light the best. 159463407